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Back on Monday

I know, I know, I haven’t been at my best lately– I have been busy. Please be patient. Patience is rewarding. 😉



Since I am unable to actually mess around with the template/CSS, or embed javascript on my blog, I can’t add any “extras” except by linking to outside pages. So, if you have the time, check out the link to a poll in a new section I have added in my links list, to make it more convenient and accessible. I will be adding a new poll every 2 weeks or so.

The current poll: Who won in the latest round of fighting in Lebanon?

Expiration date: October 14, 2006


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If you have any difficulties making it work, leave a comment here.

Note about Comments

Since July 12 I have been receiving a great number of comments every day. In the past 10 days only, the number of comments has skyrocketed to more than a 1000. So far I have had the time to go over all of them, within hours of being posted. I am, however, becoming a bit annoyed with the amount of racist (this goes both ways) statements. So much so that I have started doing what I would’ve never done – removing comments and banning the author(s). I will continue doing that so long as people don’t get the hint – that it’s OK to criticize, it’s OK to debate, but it’s NOT OK to be racist and insult a whole race/religion/group, even if the majority of that group is acting in a despicable manner and defending despicable acts. The bottom line is: if you can’t say what you have to say in a mature way (whether you’re defending Israel, Lebanon, or the devil himself), don’t say it at all. This is not a turf for airing pent-up, racist anger. I have been trying to keep away from moderating and removing comments as much as possible, but it seems some people are not getting the hint. Grow up, people! Or go play elsewhere!

Stop Israeli Aggression

Pass this domain name to as many people as possible, guys.

Hateful comments

I love how I am being bombarded by hateful comments. Better than bombs, I suppose, huh? I won’t turn off comments nor moderate them. I will let them do my job, let them show what they truly are all about: baby-killers (or supporters of these). From the security and luxury of their homes in CALIFORNIA et al.

Calm over Beirut. Hopefully the sinking of the Israeli gunship will make Israel rethink this whole thing. Before it’s too late. I don’t expect them to do so. And unfortunately my expectations are always right (not to brag – no there is nothing to brag about, not when it concerns the imminent threat of carpet bombing entire residential neighbourhoods).

Update: Power just got cut off after some 2 hours of rationing, generator will turn off in 10 minutes. I’m off for now and if nothing happens I won’t be posting an update until tomorrow. If something happens I will get on with batteries and dial-up. So far, it’s calm.


Changed the theme. Kinda got bored of the other one. I like the new one better, although I guess the 3-column design was more appropriate, as I have too many links, and many (including myself) hate scrolling down a huge list every time they want to access a certain feature. That's the only downside. I've tried to put the most important ones at the top. Unfortunately, the categories will have to go below the links.

I apologize to my dear and faithful readers for not updating this blog. I've been busy and haven't exactly been able to stay on top of everything. But, I've been enjoying lots of curry and tandoori.

A confessions post soon to come! Stay tuned, folks! You will receive the shock of your life! (OK, not that I matter that much, but still, I like to feel important… and let me tell you, there's some fierce competition when it comes to that!)