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Amal – Hope
December 2006
Beirut, Lebanon




Beirut, December 8, 2006

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“Promotional” balloons?


Promotional balloons? They don’t look “promotional” to me.

ثقافة السلام


دروس مجّانية في ثقافة السلام وحبّ الحياة…

Free lessons in culture of peace and love of life.

They Love Life

They Love Life

They love life

They love life…so they burn Orange (FPM) kiosks

The peak of civilization


“They had to take matters into their own hands.” OK. Enjoy your Civilized Revolutionaries.

(Sorry ‘ammo Gea’gea, I had to post these pics, even though I did get them from Syrian Mukhabarat.)

Hariri Militia Strikes!

At least 4 killed by Hariri militia snipers, 2 of them students at Beirut Arab University. All have been shot in the head. 35 injured, some critically. Al-Manar reporter attacked on the south Lebanon highway.

This, once again, proves that HezbAllah does not want the “best for the country.”

And more proof that HezbAllah is the “only armed militia in the country”.

Stay tuned for more “gifts” from those who do want the best for the country.

So much for the winter tourism season… I bet ski resort owners are not too happy with that.

Update: 3 Lebanese Army soldiers have been injured by sniper fire, 2 in the back.

Update: It is being reported that a number of roadblocks have been set up in some areas, where some “elements” are checking IDs.

Update: Snipers continue to fire rounds of ammunition. Students still trapped in BAU campus. Army unable to locate the source of fire. Al Jazeera reports that a sniper belonging to Walid Jumblatt’s PSP has been captured.

Update: Hariri mercenaries burned down SSNP offices in “Tariq Jdide”.

BREAKING NEWS @ 8:03 pm: Al-Manar TV just aired footage of SNIPERS shooting from apartments and the roofs of a number of buildings.

And in Sidon… Hariri militiamen have cut off all roads into and out of Sidon, and practically laid siege to the city. This according to the inhabitants of Sidon, and the reporter of NewTV, who said that they could not leave the city; the militiamen have also detained a number of civilians.

Unofficial Numbers… The two students who were killed are: Hassan Mahmud Murtada, 23, from Temnine al-Tahta (Beqa’a) and Khalil Shuman, 21, from Sir’in al-Fawqa (Beqa’a). The other 2 victims have also been named: Muhammad Sharif, and ‘Adnan Ibrahim Shamss, 28, from Sha’ath. 106 people have been injured, including at least 60 civilians who have suffered from gunshot wounds; 20 from the Lebanese Army, including 4 officers.

Also notable… World media (and Saudi satellite stations with different names) of course have not referred to the sniping, and have emphasized repeatedly that these were merely “student clashes”. Of course. How typical. I’m trying to get a hold of the footage aired by Al-Manar. Much to the embarrassment of Hariri propaganda TV (Future TV), the camera crew of the station was happily shooting live footage of students setting a car on fire, and the reporter commented that these were opposition protestors; then the thugs started shouting “kss’emmak Nasrallah” (a swear word), and the station immediately cut the coverage. Dear viewers, we apologize for this minor propaganda glitch.

(Photos inside – you have been warned)

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Finally, some MILITANT action


Yesterday I was telling a few people how the opposition will never succeed with its pacifist attitudes and behaviour in toppling the government, and that if they want to achieve anything, they will have to shift onto a militant stance.

Well, it seems they finally heard me. And about time that they did something like this.

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